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Myths to Watch Out For When Fixing Bad Credit

A bad credit bars you to purchase the next thing you bady need for, say, emergencies. That is why you need to fix this as soon as you can. Scattered everywhere are offers to repair your credit problems. However, you must be careful on what to entertain as it could rip-off your credit status instead of straightening it up. The thing is real credit repair is not an overnight affair and it takes even longer if you fall for any of these myths:

That credit bureaus have to investigate disputes within 30 days.

Under the Federal law, credit bureaus have to act upon consumer complaints. Investigation will be conducted to check errors on credit reports and results will be delivered to the consumer within 30 days.  However, you have to be reminded that there is an exception. The Fair Credit Reporting Act says bureaus need not investigate disputes they consider "frivolous or irrelevant."

That disputing information removes bad image to your credit report.

Negative information might still reflect in your credit report despite disputes. That is because bureaus are still waiting for feedback from the company to verify accuracy. When companies do not respond to disputes, the information shall be deleted by the bureau. Credit repairs consider it already a success when deletion is done. However, one should note that if the creditor does not remove this data from its own records, the bad credit history will still reflect in the evaluation. Temporary deletions do not guarantee you a clean status though. And that is where the essence of checking starts to be appreciated. Frequently looking into your credit reports and keeping paperworks that proves your justifications will help make the process faster.

That credit repair firms know secret ways to fix things

People think that credit repairs are the very entity that could only do the job. Yes, it might lessen your hassle but why would you pay something for a service you can do on your own?  There is no precious such thing as secret techniques that are inaccessible to the masses. You just need to realize that the information you need can be freely obtained at local libraries or from reputable websites. Just take a few steps on your own. Surf the net and you would be amazed by how much you can do on your own

That paying an old debt helps credit scores.

Reducing the balance of a past-due zero account will not improve credit scores. According to Paperno, personnel in FICO which is a leading credit score creator, if the debt shows up as a collection account, the balance owed is usually irrelevant. Paying it off won't help unless you convince the collection agency to stop reporting the debt which needless to say is like entering the eye of a needle.  For this reason, some lenders get a new credit account say for example by purchasing a new or used car and then start to pay religiously to regain lost paying glory.


Ubiquitous indeed are the things deemed to be the truth. It is up for you to be critical what is to absorb and not. Your bad credit won't kill you. Not knowing what this entails may; so be very vigilant. So when you are looking to take a loan out for a new or used vehicle, and you are concerned about your bad credit, you need to know that you are not stuck in the abyss, you are still very able of receiving a car loan. Reach out to our finance department to learn how we can try to help you, even with a bad credit score.

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