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Oil Undercoating Service at Team Kia in Concord New Hampshire


 Team Kia Concord New Hampshire Auto Undercoating and Rust Repair Service

Living in New England, the onset of winter brings slush, sand, salt and hazardous conditions.  Most people don't think about the underside of their car, but it's important that your car's chassis and undercarriage are well protected from the elements. The sand, salt and moisture the underside of your car has to deal with is much harsher than the impact to the rest of your vehicle. The destructive nature of rust and corrosion is the single greatest threat to your vehicle. It can lead to rapid deterioration of metal, eating through the parts of your chassis, with potential hazardous safety issues resulting. Why wait until you have a structural failure, or a failed safety inspection? In addition to oil changes and other maintenance items you perform on your vehicle, it is important to deal with rust.  Our quality NH undercoating products will displace moisture and cut off the oxygen supply to existing rust.  Our expert Kia service technicians will help keep your vehicle protected, so it can serve you and your family for years to come.   

5 Facts About Team Kia's Oil Undercoating Service
Vehicle Undercoating Service at Team Kia in Concord NH
Vehicle Undercoating Service at Team Kia in Concord NH

What Is It?
Our oil undercoating is a clean, non-toxic and environmentally friendly metal conditioner that prohibits corrosion for up to 12 months.

How Does It Work?
This special protectant displaces moisture and prevents oxidation from occurring, preventing rust from forming and/or spreading on the underside of your vehicle.

Why Do I Need It?
Designed for harsh New England driving conditions, our oil undercoating protects your vehicle's underside against damage from salt, sand, liquid de-icing, sudden temperature shifts, trapped moisture and other corrosive hazards that often rust and damage vehicles in this part of the country

What Are The Results?
An annual oil undercoating treatment at Team Kia means your vehicle will look better, last longer, maintain a higher resale value and will be safer to drive. In addition, having this annual treatment can actually save you money by reducing the need for repairs (and lowering repair costs) and extending your vehicle's life.

Does My Vehicle Qualify?
Our expert service technicians can perform undercoating to your passenger car, SUV, light truck, crossover, or any vehicle up to 9000 lbs.  For vehicles larger than 9000 lbs., contact us so we can review your vehicle information.

 Where Can I Get It?
At Team Kia located at
158 Manchester Street, Concord, NH 03301
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